The Fugitive  

   Richard Kimble's Love Life 

  Episode 1  Fear is Desert City 

  Monica Wells (Vera Miles)


Episode 4  Never Wave Good Bye

  Karen Christian  (Susan Oliver)

Episode 5  Never Wave Good Bye  Part II

  Karen Christian  (Susan Oliver)




Episode 8  See Hollywood and Die

  Joanne Spencer  (Brenda Vacarro)

Episode 29  Storm Center

  Marcie  (Bethel Leslie)

Episode 32  Worlds End

  Ellie Burnett (Suzanne Pleshette)


Episode 40  The Cage

  Carla (Benda Scott)

Episode 45  Ballet for a Ghost

  Hallie Martin  (Patty Paige)

Episode 46  Brass Ring

  Norma Sessions  (Angie Dickinson)

Episode 67  All the Sacred Rabbits

  Peggy Franklin (Suzanne Pleshette)

Episode 81  Shadow of a Swan

  Tina Anderson (Joanna Pettit)


Episode 83  The Chinese Sunset

  Penelope Dufour  (Laura Devon)

Episode 89  In a Plain Paper Wrapper

  Susan Cartwright  (Lois Nettleton)

Episode 90  Coralee

=  Coralee Reynolds  (Antoniette Bower)



Episode 112    Goodbye My Love

        Gayle Martin  (Marlyn Mason)

Episode 115  Death of a Very Small Killer

    Dr. Reina Morales  (Carol Lawrence)

Episode 117  The Walls of Night

   Barbara Wells  (Janice Rule) 

Episode 119  The Judgment Part I

  Jean Carlisle  (Diane Baker)

Episode 120  The Judgment Part II

  Jean Carlisle  (Diane Baker)


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