The Fugitive 



Fear in A Desert City  |   Nightmare at Northoak    |  The Girl from Little Egypt   |  Escape into Black


Fear in A Desert City  (ep 1.1)

Act IV  time:  33:15  (no flashback video, just dialog)


RK:       Monica, I've got to leave town. If you and Mark come with me, you may be worse off.

Monica: I don't understand.

            My picture is in every police station in the country.

            Right now they might be realizing who James Lincoln really is.  A convicted murderer.

            Monica:  I don't believe it.

            I said convicted.  I'm innocent.

            I am a doctor.  Pediatrician.  I was a doctor

            My wife couldn't have children.  She wouldn't adopt

            We argued too much for too long.

            I walked out.  I got in the car.  I drove.  I parked.

            I just stared at the river

            I can remember a boy in a rowboat.  He didn't see me.

            After awhile I cooled off  and I drove back.

            About a block from the house, I almost hit a man.

            A man with one arm.  He was running.

            I found my wife beaten to death.

Monica:  Who?

            I don't know.  It had to be unmotivated.  A vagrant, a prowler, the police never found . . . . . .

            That was over 2 years ago.  The trial was a nightmare.

            The neighbors had heard our argument.

            My hope was to find the man with one arm.

            I was convicted.  I sat in prison for 18 months.  There were appeals.

            They were taking me to be executed when the train derailed.

            Every since then I've been running.

            Hoping some day I would find the man with one arm.  A face I can not forget.

            I keep running and they keep hunting

            One man in particular,  Lt. Phillip Gerard

            Sometimes I feel like I've known him all my life.

            Sometimes I can't sleep.  Footstep in the stairs

            I see his face outside my door…..Gerard

Monica:  I don’t want them to find you.  I’ll pack.


View    flashback video   


View    Monica confronted Lt. Gerard    







Nightmare at Northoak   (ep 1.11)

Act I

1:26     RK walking city street at night (with opening credits running)

RK stops and hears footsteps from behind



Runs to side alley.  Gerard runs after. RK caught in dead end alley



Gerard:  Finally Kimble.  (aims gun at RK)   . . . . .   finally 



Narrator:  This is Richard Kimble’s recurring nightmare and each time it ends he wonders whether he will awake to another nightmare or reality

            Loud noise as gun or bus backfire ends flashback





Act III  28:38

RK is jail cell, napping, same sequence as earlier only slightly different views 

Starts along same street from a large street light








Gerard:  Finally Kimble  . . . .   finally   (no gun pulled) 


Ends with Gerard at jail cell door




Act IV  38:45  Classic Line

 RK to Gerard:

It’s also a curse, isn’t it Gerard?  You know I think you have nightmares too.  Your nightmare is that when I'm dead, you’ll find him (OAM)     








The Girl from Little Egypt   (ep 1.14)

Act I     4:14      flashback to hospital scene


unknown voice:  You did all your could.  You did all you could.

Surgeon coming from ER:  I’ve delivered I don’t know how many babies.  (fades off with word to say)


RK:  Goodbye,  see you later

(in Helen’s hospital room) Helen:  Hello darling



RK: How are you feeling?


Helen: I didn’t know they were going to put me in so deep.  They gave you the privilege of telling me.  Do we have a son or a daughter?

RK: We had a son.      . . . .  

Helen I love you.  We can look forward to a long full life.


Helen: I’m so happy


RK:   As a doctor I don’t have the words . . .   All I can say I’m sorry.  In time we’ll be able to .



Helen: What’s wrong?

RK: Our child was still born


Helen:   dead?          What else?  Why did they put me under like that?  What time is it?  How long was I under?


RK:   a long time


Helen: Why?  What else did they do to me?


RK: We almost lost you Helen

Helen: What else?

RK:   It was the only way we could have children?


Helen:   No children  my baby dead


RK:   Hey   Hey   We will have children


Helen:    dead     dead     dead 




6:48      RK delirious, asking for Helen,  RK told policeman he stepped out,  more delirium 


View    flashback video   



Act I    9:24      flashback to train accident  (no dialog)


RK shown with cuffs, one open and bent


(back to RK house talking to Helen)

RK:  I think you look wonderful


Helen:   Thank you darling.  You’re very kind. I might say the same to you

RK:Now that we both have done something for our egos.  What do you say we do something for our appetites? 


Helen:  Good,  where to tonight?

RK: There is a little seafood house Carter was telling me about.  It has good food.


Helen:  Where did you see Ross Carter? 


RK:  Helen let’s not quarrel tonight.

Helen:  The great Ross Carter of the clinic for Planned Parenthood.


RK:  We merely discussed the possibility of


Helen:  Forget it Richard  and for the last time I won’t live a lie

RK: I’m not so far away, you don’t have to scream.

Helen:   I’ll scream all I want


RK: Why do you keep thinking of adoption as a lie?

Helen:  Because it is. 


RK:  adoption is not . ..

Helen:  I don’t care what a million people think.  If I can’t have a child, then I won’t have one

RK:  It’s your tragedy   . . . . .   Look he was my son too.  Doesn’t that mean anything?


Helen: It means I’m going to have another drink


(RK grabs the glass in her hand and it falls to the floor and breaks )

RK:  We have a lot more glasses.  Richard


RK leaves in disgust,


RK drive off 








(flashback moves to courtroom)

Judge:  Richard David Kimble,  It is the verdict of this court that you shall be removed to the state penitentiary and held there until a date to be determined  and when that date is determined according to the laws of this sovereign state,  execution shall be done unto you.  May God have mercy on your soul.



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Act II   17:37    (RK napping at Ruth Norton’s apartment)

RK seen with handcuffs still on, RK running from train wreck.


Crosses road to gas station, breaks glass to get file,


Comes upon road block,  slips into the back of a truck leaving road block and starts filing on  cuffs





Act III  28:34   (flashback while driving back from the airport with Ruth)


KR at trial:  Yes we argued . . . .   often


Female witness:  Living next door, my husband and I could hear of course


Prosecuting Attorney:  Do you know for a fact that any of the arguments were violent?

Female witness:  I once saw Mrs. Kimble with a very bad bruise on her cheek.


RK:  She became intoxicated.  Fell against the bureau.

P.A.:  And were you present?

RK:  yes   . . . but  I was across the room

P.A.:  Across the room?    and what did you do?



RK:  I picked her up and treated her


P.A.:  and realized how much you loved her.


RK:  I did love her.  I never stopped loving her.  We just had one hopeless area.


P.A.:  You say you saw a boy in a rowboat

RK:  Yes sir


P.A.:  But you don’t think that he saw you.  As a matter of fact you just heard him say sitting right here in this court that he didn’t see you.   And now you claim someone else must have seen you.  You say you saw a man with one arm running from the vicinity of your house.

P.A:  I call to the attention of this court the previous testimony of Lt. Phillip Gerard.


Gerard:  Immediately following the homicide and over a period of ten days my office we interviewed 83 men fitting this description.

P.A:  and what were you findings?


Gerard:  None of them could have been in the vicinity when the crime took place. 

P.A:  and Lt. Gerard with your reputation as one of the most brilliant police officers in the state, you were forced to conclude that there never had been an OAM.


Unknown:  Objection!  Objection!

Judge:  I order that last statement be strickened from the record.


(Courtroom noise)

Judge:  I warn you Mr. Reed that you are aware of the proceeding of this court and that I expect you to abide by them.


Judge:  Richard David Kimble.  Have you anything to say before I pronounce sentence on you

RK:  Before God, I am innocent.




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Escape into Black (ep 2.9, #39)

Act I   1:25 

A truck drops RK off in front of a diner.

Narrator (William Conrad): Another stopping place at the end of another road.

If your name is RK, you are guilty of escape and flight .

You have no future unless you can find the past .

The night of September 17 two years ago.

You saw the man who killed your wife that night .


Narrator: The face was there only for a moment but you won’t forget it.

You keep looking.

Today a truck driver mentioned a OAM in Decatur.

The description fits. (RK enters diner)

Act II   20:40

(RK under drugs to enhance his memory)

Dr. Towne: Maybe you can remember your father’s name

RK: John

Dr. Towne: Your mother’s name

RK: Elizabeth

Dr. Towne: Your name . . . . . . Your name

RK: Dick

Dr. Towne: Dick      Richard, we’re getting somewhere now

Dr. Towne: Richard . . . Dr. Richard . . . . . . the last name, Richard, you know it

RK: (only mumbling)

Dr. Towne: All right    All right        Richard      Are you married? Is there is girl? A wife?

RK: yes . . . . I mean no

Dr. Towne: Well which is it?   Richard     Yes or no

RK: no

Dr. Towne: Were you married?

RK: yes

Dr. Towne: Did she die?      Richard did you wife die?

RK: (no answer)

Dr. Towne:   Relax           Are there any children?     Do you have a daughter? Son?

RK: no        nothing             none

Dr. Towne: no children

RK: wanted to adopt children             not other people’s children        my own child

Dr. Towne: Richard are you a pediatrician?

RK: yes       I       my own child       discussing I hadn’t said anything about it before child

Dr. Towne: It’s all right. Lie back.   Relax     You are back there.    Tell me about the argument.

RK: no

Dr. Towne: Yes      Helen is there with you.      You were arguing with her.     Richard let it out now

RK:    no     no      (regains consciousness)


Act III      29:15 (RK reviewing 2 year old newspapers)

Background voices: 

Female witness: There would be screams night after night. She kept pleading with him. I heard her say I want you dead.

RK: No, she’s lying.

Male witness: The strains of hair under her nails are positively that of her husband, the defendant, Richard Kimble.

Female witness: She screamed his name when he was chocking her. Richard Richard She screamed it.

Gerard: No passer by, no motorist, no neighbor ever saw any OAM. We checked and rechecked. There is no evidence of any OAM

RK: There is. I saw him.

Judge: Have you reached a verdict?

Forman: We have your honor.

Judge: What say ye

Forman: We find the defendant guilty of murder in the 1st degree.

RK: No (words guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty fading off into the background)



Act IV    40:45

flashback in train car:   (no dialog)


42:02 flashback talking to Miss Ruskin:


RK: I saw him. I saw him.

Ruskin: I saw him too

RK: When I got in the house, she was already . .





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